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Miele Sant'Agata

Miele Sant'Agata is a brand owned by the Apicoltura Francesco Riccucci company. The company was opened in 2006, the year when the founder started the beekeeping activity. The honey business was born out of passion for bees and for nature with the aim to produce unique products "as the nature creates" and "as it used to be".


“I didn't believe that this asset would become so addictive" says the founder Francesco.

Francesco is a Tuscan boy living in Arezzo, the hearth of Tuscany. He was born in 1984 and he's specialized in IT and accounting. He has worked for about ten years in three different companies as accountant, software programmer, analyst and team coordinator. After five years of double work he decided to leave the IT sector to dedicate entirely to the beekeeping activity and beehive products production. "My passion for bees began in Greece, during a travel in the Kos Island" - "I did not eat honey and i did not know the bees world" says Francesco. In the Kos Island Francesco met a beekeepers family that has introduced him to Greek culture and to bees world.

In 2010 was opened the private laboratory and the beekeeping product shop. The beehives number was increased.

Miele Sant'Agata

Miele Sant'Agata won the first prize with Acacia Honey at the Int'l competition "Roberto Franci" in Montalcino - Siena and two golden drops at the national competition "Tre gocce d'oro" in Castel San Pietro Terme - Bologna
The company required the Organic Certification.

The beehives number was about 200 units placed in Tuscany.
In this year, due to weather, the honey production was halved.

The company obtained the Organic Certification.
The company Miele Sant'Agata has been selected by the highest French food chains to supply luxury restaurants and boutiques.
"2014 was the year when we started our real Internationalization. The 2014 has been a great year for expansion" says Francesco, the founder. The production was worse than 2013 due to weather.

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Miele Sant'Agata



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