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Description, characteristics and production of multiflower honey


The term multiflower honey indicates a type of honey derived from multiple flowers (originally multiflorale). Actually honey derived from a single flower (monofloral) 100% does not exist because it is not possible to drive the bees to certain flowers. Having said that honey would be all multiflorale.

To distinguish the various types of monofloral honey it is necessary to analyze the honey through analysis melissopalynological, chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics. 
Honey that meets the established parameters for a given type can be considered monofloral Monofloral taking the name of the plant source from which (eg. Chestnut honey) except for the honeydew.

Wildflower honey changes its appearance and flavor depending on the area of production and seasonal trends.

The beekeeper can vary the quality and appearance of wildflower honey deciding the time of honey extraction. 
NOTE: This article is treated wildflower honey naturally produced by bees not to be confused with the mixture of honey by artificial.


The Tuscan wildflower honey is produced generally from March to September. Along the Tyrrhenian coast it can be produced from January to November.

In Tuscany you can produce various types of wildflowers: from clear millefiori, which usually include honey of forage grasses, wildflowers and / or acacia, millefiori piùscuri which may include chestnut honey, heather or honeydew.

The typical Tuscan honey is dark tending to brown / red (millefiori with chestnut).

Each type of honey has different properties and, for this reason, the bees collect nectar from more flowers.


Wildflower honey is usually solid consistency (crystallized honey) and has a color that can be clear, from shades of pale yellow to white opaque or dark shades of red to those of brown. 
The flavor varies according to the types of honey that are present. 
Typically the clear wildflower honey has a sweet taste that can be more or less intense. 
On the other hand wildflower dark honey usually it has a strong flavor with taste more or less bitter.

From a nutritional standpoint the wildflower honey is considered the most comprehensive honey.


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